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To the esteemed team owners of AA/FD,

We're embarking on a transformative journey that will redefine our digital footprint and audience engagement strategies. The integration of our website and social media platforms is not just an upgrade; it's a strategic overhaul aimed at amplifying our reach, enhancing fan engagement, and unlocking new revenue streams. Here's how these changes will benefit us going forward:


Website and Social Media Integration


  • Central Hub: Our new website, kingsofthesport.com, will serve as the primary platform for all AA/FD teams. This consolidation into a single, powerful domain enhances our brand visibility and makes it easier for fans to find and engage with us.
  • Team-Specific Spaces: Each team will have a dedicated section on the website, such as kingsofthesport.com/team-name. This personalized space integrates your social media accounts and exclusive YouTube channels, providing a one-stop-shop for fans to connect with their favorite teams.
  • Social Media Enhancement: We'll optimize each team's social media presence to maximize reach and audience engagement. This involves strategic posting, leveraging trending topics, and engaging with fans to build a loyal community around each team.


Content Creation and Distribution


  • Exclusive Content Development: By creating and maintaining high-quality content tailored to each team, we'll showcase the unique strengths, stories, and personalities that make our teams stand out. This approach not only engages fans but also enhances our teams' brands.
  • Sponsorship Attraction: Our content will be designed to attract and retain sponsors by highlighting team achievements and potential. This increases visibility to potential sponsors and provides compelling reasons for them to invest in our teams.
  • Revenue-Generating Strategies: Engaging content will drive traffic to our platforms, allowing us to monetize through advertising revenues and sponsorships. This creates a sustainable revenue model that benefits all teams.


Merchandising and E-commerce Solutions


  • Fan-Favorite Items: We'll design and produce team-specific merchandise, such as team cards, apparel, and memorabilia. This not only serves as a revenue stream but also strengthens team loyalty among fans.
  • E-commerce Platform: A seamless e-commerce solution will be implemented on our website, enabling easy purchase and distribution of merchandise. This convenience encourages more sales and enhances the fan experience.


Event Promotion and Engagement


  • NHRA Heritage/Nostalgia Series Collaboration: We'll collaborate with NHRA Heritage/Nostalgia Series and track owners to organize and promote events. This partnership amplifies our reach and draws in a wider audience.
  • Crowd Attraction Strategies: Digital content and social media campaigns will be leveraged to draw crowds to events, enhancing the live racing experience. This not only boosts event attendance but also creates a vibrant, engaging atmosphere for fans.


In summary


These strategic initiatives represent a significant leap forward for AA/FD. By embracing digital integration, content creation, merchandising, and event promotion, we're positioning ourselves for growth, enhanced fan engagement, and increased revenue potential. Together, we're not just participants in the sport; we're leading its digital transformation, setting new standards for excellence and engagement in the racing community.


We look forward to your support and collaboration as we embark on this exciting journey.

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Fans & Enthusiasts Get ready for the ultimate thrill ride !!

“Kings of the Sport” – our groundbreaking project set to inject a nitro boost of excitement into the digital realm of AA/FD Owners in the adrenaline-pumping world of drag racing! This proposal is not just a document; it’s your golden ticket to a high-octane journey, outlining our turbocharged strategy to skyrocket online visibility, captivate a massive audience, and ignite a fire of enthusiasm, turning spectators into full-throttle participants in this electrifying initiative! Buckle up, because we’re about to hit the digital drag strip like never before!

Conclusion The “Kings of the Sport”

Initiative is poised to become a game-changer in the world of AA/FD drag racing. By leveraging the power of digital media, we can significantly boost the visibility of participating teams, creating a vibrant community of fans, sponsors, and racing enthusiasts.
This project lays the foundation for a digital revolution that will bring the thrill of drag racing to a broader audience while introducing Fans to a new standard:

Something NHRA is not capable of doing.

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"Kings of the Sport Live" Show

Has had it first test n tune and from the looks of it, it will be the next best thing to being live at your favorite drag strip.
Your hosts, Bryan Hall, Micahel Anderson, and Jimi Young, uncensored, unfiltered, if your easly offened, nobody cares.

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