Kurt Borden Media

Kurt Borden

is a renowned drag racing photographer and the visionary behind Kurt Borden Media, a platform dedicated to capturing the high-octane world of drag racing.

His journey into the heart of drag racing photography commenced in 2018 at the iconic Famoso Dragstrip’s March Meet. This event was not just a beginning but a revelation, unveiling a passion that transcended mere photography and delved into the very soul of drag racing.

Over the years, Kurt has meticulously documented all classes of drag racing across most tracks in California, extending his reach to the legendary Firebird Raceway in Boise, Idaho. His work is not confined to the static beauty of photography alone; Kurt has innovated in the field by mounting video cameras on cars, capturing the raw, unfiltered essence of drag racing from the most thrilling perspectives.

What truly sets Kurt apart is his deep-rooted connection with the drag racing community. Through his lens, he has not only witnessed races but has become an integral part of the racing family. The relationships he has built with teams over the years are what he considers the real blessing of his career. Kurt’s work transcends the boundaries of traditional sports photography, offering a glimpse into the lives, dreams, and spirits of the people who make drag racing the exhilarating sport it is.

Kurt Borden Media is not just a showcase of drag racing’s dynamic moments but a testament to Kurt’s dedication, talent, and love for the sport and its community. His ability to capture the essence of drag racing, combined with his genuine care and connection with the people behind the machines, makes his work profoundly impactful. Kurt Borden is not just a photographer; he is a storyteller, a community member, and an indispensable part of the drag racing world.

 In addition to his remarkable achievements in drag racing photography, Kurt Borden has taken his passion and expertise to new heights by actively participating in “Kings of the Sport,” a pioneering initiative dedicated to elevating the presence and understanding of AA/Fuel Dragsters (AA/FD) across digital and social media platforms. This involvement marks a significant expansion of his career, leveraging his skills to not only document the sport but also to play a crucial role in shaping its future.

“Kings of the Sport” aims to provide the definitive representation of AA/FD, celebrating the incredible machines, the dedicated owners, the skilled drivers, and the hard-working teams and crew members that bring the sport to life. Kurt’s role in this initiative is multifaceted, contributing his deep knowledge of drag racing, his photographic talent, and his ability to tell compelling stories through his work. He is at the forefront of creating engaging content that captures the essence of AA/FD, making it accessible and captivating for both die-hard fans and newcomers alike.

Through “Kings of the Sport,” Kurt has expanded his repertoire to include in-depth features on the people behind the machines, highlighting their journeys, challenges, and triumphs. His work serves not only as a celebration of the sport’s present achievements but also as a bridge to its rich history, ensuring that the legacy of AA/FD and its impact on drag racing is preserved and appreciated by future generations.

Kurt’s collaboration with “Kings of the Sport” underscores his commitment to growing the drag racing community, informing, and engaging a wider audience, and fostering a deeper appreciation for the sport. His efforts are instrumental in bringing to light the stories of AA/FD that might otherwise go untold, showcasing the human spirit and the relentless pursuit of speed and competition that define drag racing. Through his lens and storytelling, Kurt Borden continues to be an influential figure in not just capturing moments but in creating a lasting impact on the sport he loves.